Alaska Vacation – Interior

We just spent the last 5 days in Alaska.
What a beautiful state and friendly people!

We learned about the gold dredge and the gold rush history of this area.
Then we boarded an authentic paddle boat (the Discovery III) on the Chena and Tanana rivers.

We learned how the Athabascan people survived in this area with extreme winter conditions for over 10 000 years.
We learned about how they raise and take care of their dogs for sledding.
So interesting and informative!

It was Shaun’s 35th birthday! Yay!
We celebrated by going white water rafting down the glacial fed Nenana River. Exhilarating and frigidly cold water….but they suited us up in these very fashionable onsies! LOL!

The next day we got up bright and early…Did we mention that the sun sets at 1am (yes… 1 AM!) and rises around 4am! That’s 21 hours of daylight!…Anyway, we went on a 7 hour Taiga/Tundra Wilderness Tour through Denali National Park.

We saw spectacular landscapes (including Mount Denali aka Mount McKinley…. The highest mountain in North America) and some wildlife (moose, caribou, golden eagles, dall sheep and more) Amazing.

Now we are in Anchorage….having a light lunch before the 2 hour bus ride to Seward where we get on the Radiance of the Seas and the southbound cruise begins.

More adventures to come!
Stay tuned!

D & S xoxo

Alaska Vacation – Chicago

So, we begin our Alaskan adventure in Chicago because there are no direct flights to Alaska from Toronto.

All the hype we have heard about Chicago is totally true.

What a beautiful city, vibrant, cultured and friendly.

We did an architectural boat cruise.
Visited Millennium and the Magnificent Mile (with some shopping thrown in).
We ate famous Chicago deep dish pizza and danced in Boystown!

So much fun! We would definitely come back!

Now we are waiting at the airport to head up to Alaska!

The adventure continues!

Stay tuned!
D & S xoxo

Amsterdam 2012

What can we say about Amsterdam? It is definitely a lively, young, bike-loving, free spirited and crowded city! I could not get over how many people (mostly tourists) crowded the streets and alley ways.

But the city itself is beautiful! As with all the European cities we’ve visited and in direct contrast with Canada, the thousands of years if history can be felt and witnessed everywhere.

We went on a canal tour and even visited the house of Anne Frank.

We loved our time here and look forward to coming back.

Just getting on our flight now…see you in 8 hours!


Cruise-part 2

I’ll make this one short.

The weather in Normandy was authentic to what the soldiers would have experienced on D-Day: cold, rainy and miserable!
For us though, it stopped raining and cleared in the afternoon, but after we were already soaked!

The cemetery was breathtakingly beautiful and sad. The beaches were riddled with remnants of bunkers, artillery and bomb craters. Definitely and experience.

Dover, England was unexpectedly beautiful and quaint. Neither of us really knew what to expect, but even the White Cliffs of Dover were majestic and awe inspiring.

I have added more pictures to the same album from the last post.

That concludes our cruise. We had an amazing time seeing new sights and meeting lots of new people.

The next and final post will be for our stay in Amsterdam. Yay! Can’t wait!


Cruise-part 1

Well, we are about 3/4 done our cruise 🙁

We have to say that the weather could have been better and we’ve both on separate occasions, battled a cold or stomach thing, but it has still been a great cruise.

We’ve met a lot of interesting people and saw some great sights.

Our first port was unfortunately the day Shaun was feeling ill 🙁
Our excursion was a short one, so I reluctantly agreed to do the tour on my own and I’m glad I went.
The tour took me to the Rock of Gibraltar where the views were spectacular and the monkeys were absolutely adorable! Shaun was jealous!

At one point the guide pointed out a mountain range in the distance across the water: it was the Rift mountains in Africa! Too cool!

Santiago de Compostela
Our stop in La Coruna took us to Santiago de Compostela. Luckily Shaun was better and joined me on the tour. Again, the weather was cold and rainy…thus you’ll see a picture of us in fashionable, red ponchos! LOL

I had no idea how important Santiago was to the Catholic religion. It is said the remains of St. James (one of the apostles) lies here in their beautiful cathedrals.
It is for this reason that Santiago is said to be the 3rd most popular destination for religious pilgrimages (after the Vatican and Jerusalem). I was touched.

Well, today is the port of Le Havre, where we will take a tour to Normandy and visit the D-Day Museum and Omaha beach.
Unfortunately, I am feeling under the weather today…and it looks to rain all day! Yuck! 🙂
Oh well, still looking forward to it!

Check back in a couple days for picks from Normandy and Dover before we finish the cruise in Amsterdam.

S&D xoxo


So we are actually in Rome on the train to Civitavecchia, where we are getting on our cruise.
Every day seems to be going by so quickly.

Wien was absolutely beautiful; very ornate and rich with history.
Everywhere you go, you are surrounded by a sense of music history, for many famous and influential composers have lived here at one point or another in their lives; such as Mozart and Strauss.

In fact, we even went to a Mozart concert with a chamber orchestra and vocalists in a gorgeous concert hall. (check out the pictures)

We recently celebrated our 5th anniversary, so Shaun surprised me with  a private breakfast on a ferris wheel on their amusement park grounds. The food was delicious and the views of Wien were spectacular.

The weather in Wien has actually been the warmest so far. Hopefully this continues at least for the first half of our cruise. 🙂

We only had one night in Rome (since we’ve been here before), but we still got to see the Colosseum as we walked to dinner.

As always, we are looking forward to the cruise: to sitting back and relaxing, unpacking only once, enjoying great food and perhaps a few drinks. tee hee hee

Hopefully I’ll be able to post something closer to the end of the cruise and before we hit Amsterdam.

Until then, love you all!!!

S&D xoxo

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Hi everyone!

This is our last night in Berlin 🙁
We had an absolutely amazing time! This city is so much larger than we anticipated! (today we were told Berlin is 8 times the size of Paris…and we believe it!) But at the same time it was very easy to get around.

The weather has been great too…much warmer than Brussels.

As you walk around you encounter amazing modern and innovative architecture but also see buildings rich in history.

Check out some of the pictures we took to get a feel of the city.

One of our favourite cities so far! Definitely somewhere we would like to return to in the future.

Tomorrow morning we are off to Wien (Vienna).

Catch you soon!
D&S xoxo


Well, our time in Brussels was short but great! We did a lot of walking and saw most of the major tourist attractions.
Of course shopping was also involved…and Shaun bought ANOTHER pair of shoes! LOL!

Last night our friend who we net 8 months ago on our Caribbean cruise (and who lives in Antwerp) drove in to meet us for dinner. The food was delicious and he was a wealth of knowledge on Brussels history, since he grew up here.

Check out the pictures. Brussels was a beautiful mix of old history and new and modern design. Larger than we expected, but still quaint.

We are at the Brussels airport waiting for our flight to our next destination…Berlin!

Biss spater!

We’re here!

It is almost 9am here (3am Toronto time) and we have safely arrived in Amsterdam.


Schipol Airport

What a cool airport. Lots of shopping, food and the train station is right here too!

30 minutes to go until we board the high speed Thalys train to Brussels.

Stay tuned!

Travel day

The day has come to start our vacation!! Yay!

We started off by sleeping in…a rarity! 🙂
We got up and had  nice breakfast…partially to finish any food in our fridge, but it was delicious anyway.

Then, the way all our vacations will start from now on, we went and got massages!!
A perfect way to start our vacation. Aaaahhhhhh!

Now we have checked in at the airport and are lounging while we wait for our flight to start boarding.

The next post will probably from Brussels. So until then, take care and we will miss you all!

S&D xoxo